Monday, July 25, 2011

Taeyang's haircut: Sloppiest haircut of all time!

It has been almost a decade since Korean singer Taeyang has cut his hair. Most Taeyang fans will most likely agree with me. As a big fan of Taeyang, it seems pretty disappointing how Taeyang is pretty slack with his hairstyles.
Although Taeyang possesses one of those unique square shaped faces, he is always seen in his "official" haircut: the extremely short onion haircut.
"Onion" haircut as in: shaving 95% of your head, leaving the front 5% of the top forehead with a traditional "fohawk".
However, one aspect Taeyang's haircut is good for is having the impression of clean and lean.

Now, back to the actual reviewing of the onion haircut:

In the current Kpop industry, most guys often wear the popular medium haircut with bangs. This makes Taeyang's haircut fairly unique and classy. However.... It's called sloppy as soon as the Kpop idol wears the same haircut for over 5 years. I mean, it will be nice to have Taeyang having a Kim Bum hairstyle sometime.. Not only does Taeyang's haircut look like it was quickly shaved in 5 minutes, without any effort, but it also reflects on his style as well. It gives an impression that the onion hair was never polished up at all.

To be frank, Taeyang's haircut:

Lacks style (considering the amount of time he has had this haircut)
This is going towards a 6/10 for style
10/10 for maintainability (You don't even need to maintain it!)
5/10 for the short length (there's not much thickness and length to his hair, it's heading towards bald)

To conclude, Taeyang's hairstyle is pretty nice overall, as long as you don't put on this hairstyle for years in a row.


  1. Wow. Wrong, personally, I think he looks the best with his hairstyle. He pulls this one off and makes the girls (like me) go crazy!! I LOVE his hair!! It would never lOok good on anyone else, but it looks so cute, sharp, and smexy on him! Maybe that's why he hasn't chained it!! ;D <3 TAEYANG FIGHTING

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  3. People are just jealous that taeyang can pull of that sexy look he looks soooooooooo sexy. People should be hating on him, because he is so handsome.

  4. I like all these hairstyles looking too much stylish
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  5. I LOVEEEE Taeyang in his hairstyle! It's his signature look! No other kpop artist could pull it off as good as he does! I understand we want to see him in different looks. But too be honest some kpop artists with hair too long looks a little girlish or more on the fobby side. LOL! Plus one of the new mv where they had taeyang have two big brides going down his head wasn't the best look for him.