Saturday, March 9, 2013

Korean drummer Kang Min Hyuk's hairstyle

Drummer of the popular boy band, CNBLUE: Kang Min-Hyuk! And his sloppy hair!
Haha... No.. Not really his real hairstyle on the stage.. His usual appearance is in a medium long hairstyle, with sparkling earrings to finish it up.
If you look closely, Kang Min Hyuk actually has a round shaped face.  And it somehow fits him perfectly with this kind of long hairstyle, covering up one eye. This is definitely really stylish for an Indie Band drummer like him! :)
Now now, he seldom appears on stage with a shorter haircut, but when he does, he gets all the fans wild. =)
Wow, look at this adorable puffy haircut in the drama, HeartStrings... That drama also starred CNBLUE's lead singer, Jung Yong Hwa as well! 
Pretty hot choice of hairstyle for a popular Korean drummer..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun's stylish hair

Born on May 15, 1990, Lee Jong Hyun is another guitarist in the popular South Korean boy band, CNBLUE, with Leader Jung Yong Hwa.
Born with an oval shaped face, Lee Jong Hyun occasionally has really short,  yet thick hair. But you could tell his hair dresser really put a lot of effort to trim up his fringes to have distinct layers.
Wow, look at his hairstyle at his first debut~ It's super thick and wavy length.. This kind of hair quality requires a full treatment of perm and hair wax.
Here's another one of those Kim Bum haircuts... =P This kind of hair is very flat and easy to manage.
This particular angle of Lee Jong Hyun in dyed red hair and full length fringes resemble Taecyeon's style.. In fact, he looks a lot like him when you stare at it for a couple seconds!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Popular boy Jung Yong Hwa

There has been a lot of demand for a review of Jung Yong Hwa's hairstyles. For those who don't know, Jung Yong Hwa is the leader of the super hot South Korean band, CNBLUE. He also stars in many popular K-dramas like HeartStrings with Park Shin Hye.
Born on June 22, 1989, Jung Yong Hwa is one of the few Korean stars who is blessed with an oval shaped face. He is able to pull off any kind of hairstyle: from short to even medium haircuts.
Jung Yong Hwa's role in the super hot drama, "HeartStrings", also known as "You've fallen for me" (English drama title), depicts him as a super cool guitarist/lead singer in a rock band. He has this kind of haircut, a dyed brown medium length hairstyle.
Here, we have Yong Hwa in a super long hairstyle. But isn't it weird to see him without earrings? Because in almost every photo you find of Jung Yong Hwa, he will have really baller earrings. :)
Gotta say, one of the hottest guitar leads in South Korean boy-band history! :)


Girl next door hairstyle

Born on February 18, 1990, Park Shin Hye is a famous South Korean actress best known for her recent  leading role in the super hot drama, Flower Boy Next Door. Although having a heart shaped face, Shin Hye is able to pull off any kind of hairstyle: from short haircuts to long hairstyles.
Often in K-dramas, Shin Hye has wavy, short hair to portray her cute personality in the storyline. But in real life, she can definitely pull off a long hairstyle that defines her as a mature lady.
Outside of dramas, Park Shin Hye's hairstyles usually avoid long fringes, but exposing her whole forehead completely.
Now here is one of Park Shin Hye's typical haircuts. The short and puffy hairstyle with long bangs, like the next door flower boy's haircut. :)
Who said a short hairstyle cannot be hot? Park Shin Hye's defined face shape can help her pull off a perm short hairstyle.